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About This Site

Gastronomy is the art of choosing, cooking, and eating great food. The Gastronomy Project is our gastronomic journey, shared with everyone. Here’s a little more about the people behind this site:


Years ago, I happened on a great recipe. Chicken Breasts with a Pan Sauce. I was no stranger to the kitchen; I’d been cooking since I was a kid when my wonderful parents taught me how. But this recipe was different from the kind of cooking I had done before. It was elevated, perhaps even restaurant-quality. I didn’t realize it at first but this recipe changed my perspective on the kinds of dishes that I could make at home. I’ve been on a quest for the very best recipes ever since.

When Ingrid and I met, we soon found we shared a love of food. She loved to host dinner parties in her cozy apartment. I made her crème brûlée to impress her. Before we knew it, we were planning the food for our wedding. This website is a project that we started together. We want to share our favorite recipes with everyone. But more than that, we want to share our culinary adventures through life.

I’m particularly fortunate that this project lies at the intersection of my two passions: technology and cooking. We’ve got some fantastic ideas for how to evolve this site into something you’ll use everyday so I hope you’ll check back with us often.


Coming from a Guatemalan family means I was always surrounded by delicious food. Tamales at Christmas time, carne asada for summer barbecues, and delectable Sunday dinners my mother still cooks for us to this day. I’ve yet to find anyone that cooks black beans better than my mother does! The food never disappoints, but my first love has always been gathering around the table and making memories with my family. Food brings people together, and that’s exactly what I love about cooking.

In my early twenties I became friends with the Stone family and they introduced me to an array of new ingredients. I remember loving the endless amount of spices in their kitchen, the huge collection of cookbooks, their tomato garden, and lemon tree. They gave me my first cookbook, Gourmet Cookbook. I gained inspiration to experience and create beautiful, tasty dishes in the kitchen, and took on a hobby of urban gardening, which I’m still trying to master.

There are endless flavors to experiment with. There are millions of recipes to try. I love that this website will give us an opportunity to open the doors to our kitchen and share all the many flavorful dishes with you so you can make memories with your loved ones around the table as well. Life is too short to eat bland. Let’s eat!


Hi! My name is Astrid and I have always had a passion for the arts, whether it’s modern, old, culinary, or design, all I know is that anything that inspires me at the moment I take it and go!

What has inspired me to gain the love of cooking and styling food is the nostalgic feeling you get from memories that come to you from the presentation, taste, or smell of food.

My goal is to capture just that.

Through many years, I have indulged in a lot of hobbies, and this is my favorite and most enjoyable so far. So here I am, sharing my creativity to you through The Gastronomy Project. I hope you receive inspiration and a love of food through this website! Enjoy!

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