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Whenever anyone tells me they don’t care for chocolate, I have to take a moment and seriously consider if they’re trying to put one over on me! There are a plethora of delicious flavors in this world but none of them beat chocolate. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” No way! It’s chocolate! I’ve got my favorites in local food corners throughout Salt Lake City: the pots de crème at Hatch Family Chocolates awakens the senses as it melts in your mouth! Leatherby’s Family Creamery’s hot fudge sundae is covered with a delectable home-made chocolate sauce unlike any other! Gourmandise’s Raspberry Chocolate Mousse cake is a delicate, well-thought-out dessert that promises great flavor! Okay, I have to stop before I leave mid-sentence and indulge in something chocolatey. Like my Mayan ancestors, I might just request to be buried with a cacao pod. I want to have chocolate forever!

The recipes we will be featuring this month will all have the best ingredient in the world: chocolate! We’ll share recipes for an Irish Cream Cheesecake (booze + chocolate = a major winner in my book!), a traditional Mexican mole, an heirloom chocolate sauce paired with a basic (but phenomenal) bread pudding and last but certainly not least, a crowd favorite in the form of chocolate cream puffs!

Prepare to be converted, chocolate haters!