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We’ve heard from a few readers that while the recipe format we use is easy to follow, it makes compiling a shopping list a little difficult because the ingredients are so spread out. In fact, Ingrid was the first to point that out. So, we fixed it. From now on, at the top of every recipe, you’ll find a consolidated shopping list, as well as a consolidated equipment list.

Of course, it would have been simple to merely repeat each ingredient at the top exactly as it appears below. But we wanted to go one step further. One thing that’s always bothered me about cooking is that the units used in recipes (cups, tablespoons, etc.) are almost never the units used on the packaging (most often ounces and fluid ounces). When I get to the grocery store, I often have to guess about how much to buy. For example, when a recipe calls for 3 cups of chicken broth, how many 14-ounce cans do you need to buy?

Well, our shopping list is different. While the ingredient list next to each step still uses the customary units, the shopping list at the top has been converted to use the packaging units. So instead of seeing 3 cups of chicken broth, you’ll see 24 ounces. When you find 14-ounce cans at the grocery store, you’ll know immediately that you’ll need to get 2 cans.

We’re excited to have this new feature on our website and we hope it makes life a little easier when you use our recipes.