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We’ve all been there. You’re moving along with a great recipe; you’re in the groove. The next step calls for carrots. No problem, you bought the carrots along with everything else you needed for the recipe. Now, what do you do with them? The instructions just say to add them to the pot but that can’t be right, they haven’t been peeled or cut yet. You check the ingredient list and only then do you realize it calls for the carrots to have been peeled, trimmed, and sliced before you even started cooking. Now you have to make sure nothing burns while you take the time to prep those carrots.

I’m not sure why so many recipes call for ingredients to already be prepped in their ingredient list. Maybe they’re written by chefs who are used to having assistants around? Perhaps the authors want to make the recipes seem easier than they really are? Or maybe they just wanted to save some space? Whatever the reason, the truth is I’m caught off guard by this far more often than I care to admit and it’s always bothered me.

On our website, you won’t see ingredient lists that call for items that have already been prepped (unless, of course, they come that way at the grocery store). If there are vegetables to slice, we tell you that in step 1. We try to be as straightforward as we can about how long our recipes take to make. After all, we don’t have any sous chefs and we’re guessing you don’t, either. 😀